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Training and Education


We realize that one of the hardest parts of purchasing new equipment is not the purchase of the equipment itself but making sure that you have the properly trained staff to make the most of your investment. With that in mind Allendale Machinery Systems is excited to announce the creation of our new training department. Allendale has put together a full set of classes that are meant to help train your team in everything from basic machine operation to full CAM training.

Bronze Classes:

Haas Operator – This is a one-day class that is meant for people that will be setup and run a Haas Mill or Lathe. The class will cover basic safety materials, review of the Haas control, loading of programs, setting tool and work offsets, basic probing, and overall Haas machine basics.

Silver Classes:

Advanced Haas Mill – This a one-day class that covers the advanced operation of a Haas mill. The class will include basic safety materials, full Renishaw probing, Advanced Tool Management, 4th & 5th Axis operations, and the Visual Programming System.

Advance Haas Lathe – This is a one-day class that covers the advance operation of a Haas lathe. The class will include basic safety materials, Automatic Tool Presetter functions, Dual Spindle Operations, Live Tool concepts, the Visual Programing System, and Y-Axis operations.

Basic Maintenance Class – This is a one-day Class that covers the basis maintenance procedures of the Haas Machine tools. The class will include daily maintenance of a Haas machine tool, how to use the Haas DIY and parts sites, and proper coolant maintenance.

Gold Classes:

Fusion 360 CAD/CAM – This two-day class covers the use of Autodesk’s Fusion 360 CAD/CAM program. The class will include the basics of working with Fusion 360 and introduce users to the full capability of software.

G&M Code Programming – This three-day class covers the basics of G&M code programming for Mills and lathes. The class will include introduction to the different codes, canned cycles, and other common programming techniques.

Mill / Lathe Bootcamp – This four-day class covers materials needed for rst time machine users. The class will include basic operator training, cutting tools and holders, workholding, basic programming, and part layouts.

Additional Services

Applications Assistance – This service is for those customers looking for more in-depth on-site training or general assistance from one of our Applications engineers. Our engineers can assist in part setups, optimization of processes, tool selection and program layout.

Haas Operator Certification – Following completion of Haas’ Basic CNC Operator online course a customer can perform the Hands-On Practical test in one of our showrooms


Contact us for more information and to request a list of the classes offered, including course outlines. For a training schedule showing the specific dates and locations of classes offered this month, click here. Registration or reservations may be required.